Connecting in a new way

25th Anniversary logoAs our editors, board, and staff discussed how to celebrate and commemorate our 25th anniversary, a few of the questions I asked myself were:

“How can we deepen our connection with our supporters?”

How do we foster an even stronger community of education activists to fight the battles ahead of us?”

“How do we continue to provide access to resources, and a space for conversation about everything education from curriculum to policy?”

I’m an avid reader of blogs covering many topics that interest me, from gourmet cooking, to running, to politics and education, so of course I thought, “Why not start a Rethinking Schools blog?”

Actually, the blog idea is something editors and staff have been discussing for some time. I just provided an extra drop of grease to the wheels and now we’re rolling.

In this space, we hope to provide you with access to the lessons, curriculum ideas, resource reviews, and policy analysis that you have come to expect from us, but in a more casual format. We will share our reflections of the last 25 years of teaching for social justice, and our hopes for the next 25.

You will read the personal and professional reflections of our editors,  including Bill Bigelow, Linda Christensen, Jody Sokolower, Bob Peterson, and Melissa Bollow Tempel. You will also occasionally hear from frequent writers, and other allies and advocates who have helped make Rethinking Schools the treasured resource it is today.

And most importantly, you will be invited into conversation about how we can continue to inspire one another, and take action for a better future for our kids.

We look forward to continuing our conversations with you between the issues of our magazine!

In solidarity,

Kris Collett