#GivingTuesday: 6 Ways to Support Rethinking Schools

As we move into 2016 we need your support more than ever.

Please consider helping Rethinking Schools in whatever ways you can. Rethinking Schools relies on donations from those in our community to publish our magazine and books, while making them affordable to those who need our inspiration and analysis. But any kind of support you can give us goes a long way in strengthening public school education.

*We now accept donations through PayPal: 

1Share! Share! Share!

Share our articles, blog posts, social media posts, our emails, and even the magazine that arrives in your mailbox. By spreading your love of Rethinking Schools you build up and inspire the community around you. Contact your library and ask professors in your network to use Rethinking Schools materials.

Already a subscriber? Give someone a gift subscription and discuss what you are reading.
SAVE 25%! Use code: HOLIDAY15b


Become a sustainer.
Even $5 a month helps Rethinking Schools continue our mission of sustaining and strengthening public education through social justice teaching and education activism.
Did you know more than half of what you spend on Amazon goes to Amazon and not to Rethinking Schools? If you absolutely must use Amazon, consider donating to offset the loss to Rethinking Schools.
SAVE 25%! Use code: HOLIDAY15b
Send us an email! 
Tell us how and why you support Rethinking Schools and we might use it in fundraising efforts. Please include how you would like to be identified (name, position, school, etc.).
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join in discussions with our community of social justice educators and activists.
Twitter Bonus:
Follow #SoJustEdu chats!

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